14 Best Student Information System

Managing students’ leave, attendance, performance, fees, and other information at schools, colleges, and other similar institutions is a difficult undertaking.

Manually updating student data can cause delays and inaccuracies, resulting in confusion among instructors, students, and parents. Student information management systems are being adopted by an increasing number of schools.

Automated student information systems simplify student data administration, allowing teachers and administrative personnel to focus on their main responsibilities.

What Exactly is the Student Information Management System?

A student information management system (SIS) is a computer program created for the educational field that allows students’ data to be stored and managed online on a single platform.

SIS software is also known as Student Information System software. It also facilitates data-driven cooperation among all stakeholders of an institution, such as administrative personnel, educators, students, and parents.

A student database management system assists in the administration of student data created by various procedures such as registration, the parent-teacher interaction site, grade books, attendance monitoring, and event planning.

What is the Function of a Student Information System?

The purpose of a student information system is to store and manage student data on a single online platform. This is done to reduce manual paperwork and automate data-related processes, hence reducing human error.

Once sorted and preserved, student information is synchronized across all relevant departments such as a library, examination management, attendance, classroom management, and so on. Everyone gets access to pertinent student data, and updates and several backups further aid in the secure storage of the data.

All of the information is in one place, making it simple to find what you’re looking for. The student database management system also includes reporting capabilities for analyzing students’ academic performance, attendance, and other variables.

A student management system assists teachers in making educated selections to construct each student.

How is the Student Information System Operated?

A student information system operates by storing and tracking all student data from admission and enrolment through graduation. This includes personal information, fee payment data, class and lecture details, behavioral data, attendance records, transportation records, assignment and test performance, and other information.

Students and parents may access pertinent information and utilize the student information system to keep track of all activities. Streamlining student information flow is critical to improve the educational process. All other operations, such as everyday administrative chores, rely on this information as well.

Here’s the list of 14 Best Student Information System for your

1. Gibbon

Techvarieties - Gibbon Student Information System

Gibbon is a free and open-source student information management system that allows users to access various modules based on their permissions. The program aids in course planning across departments as well as the preparation of personalized plans for students. You can quickly handle personnel recruiting and data, as well as fees, bills, and tasks.


  • Creating and managing departments
  • Accounts are automatically created for new students.
  • Student absence reports from school
  • Monitoring of student success
  • Reminders for payments


  • Permissions depending on roles
  • Support in several languages


  • There is no mobile app.


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2. Teachmint

Techvarieties - Teachmint Student Informatuion Systems

Schools, universities, and coaching centers utilize Teachmint to keep everyone connected and manage day-to-day operations. This student management system software allows you to configure it for numerous branches and access over 40 unique reports.

Among the premium modules are capabilities for managing visitors and support for online payments.


  • Document repository
  • Result card maker
  • Report on income, expenses, and a summary
  • Payroll and pay administration
  • GPS Bus Monitoring


  • Teachmint’s Android and iOS apps provide access at any time and from any location.
  • HR management integration with biometric and facial recognition technologies


  • Support services might be improved.

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3. Fedena

Techvarieties - Fedena Student Information System

Fedena is a student record management system that makes it simple for K-12 and higher education institutions throughout the world to handle student admission, progress, participation, and more.

Based on individual data, teachers can notify parents on their child’s development and make other appropriate decisions for kids’ performance improvement. This student information management software is entirely compatible with privacy regulations and assures data protection.


  • Student attendance marking and monitoring
  • SMS and messaging system integration
  • Management of student admissions
  • Management of finances and fees
  • Calendar and event administration


  • Administrator and student logins are both unlimited.
  • Apps for iOS and Android


  • The setup is not simple.

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4.Skyward Student Management System

Techvarieties - Skyward Student Information Systems

Administrators may use the Skyward student management suite for K-12 institutions to assess progress across multiple criteria, attendance records, and much more.

Teachers have more time to focus on teaching students and assisting them with career preparation thanks to classroom technologies. A mobile app for teachers and parents improves communication between school and home.


  • Management of enrollment and registration
  • Creating a charge structure that is customizable
  • Grading based on standards
  • Tracking of behavior
  • Built-in grade book


  • The portal provides 24 hour access to student information.
  • Emails to parents on student performance are sent automatically.


  • Tools should be more user-friendly.
  • More solutions for improved parent-teacher contact are required.

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5. PeopleSoft by ORACLE

Techvarieties - Peoplesoft Student Information Systems

PeopleSoft’s EDI Manager solution assists higher education institutions in automating the admissions and recruitment processes. Academic facts such as student contacts, class schedules, and more may be tracked and processed.

The student database management system also aids in the administration of information for other organizations and people.


  • Application processing evaluations that are automated
  • Enrollment confirmation
  • Student data collection
  • Scheduling classes
  • Payment computation and collection management



  • There is no staff management feature.

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6. Gradelink

techvarieties - Gradelink Student information System

Gradelink SIS is a user-friendly program that provides grade books, lesson planning, report cards, and other services to over 1300 schools worldwide. You may quickly import existing data such as student information, transcript data, class rosters, and more. This expedites the start of a new academic year or term.


  • Email attendance tracking and auto-grading
  • Calendars for classes and student scheduling
  • Email, text, and voice messaging are all methods of communication.
  • Google Classroom, Apple School Manager, and more integrations are available.
  • Billing and tuition statements


  • Support for several languages, including Spanish and Chinese
  • Backup of data on a daily basis


  • The reporting functionality could be enhanced.

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7. Chanakya ERP

Techvarieties - Chanakya Student Information System

Chanakya ERP is a student information management system for schools, universities, and coaching institutes that is web-based. It is widely used in CBSE-affiliated institutions.

This student information management software includes modules for managing attendance, expenses, inventories, and more. The program also has a calendar tool for viewing and creating events.


  • Creating a fee structure and producing reports
  • Automated attendance monitoring
  • Upload and download of assignments
  • A built-in messaging system allows for parent-school contact.
  • Reports by category, faith, and so forth.


  • Standards and privileges depending on roles
  • Face detection system integration, biometric attendance, GPS bus tracking, and so forth.


  • There is no iOS support for the Chanakya ERP app.

Chanakya ERP

8. FeKara

Techvarieties - FeKara Student Information System

The FeKara information system has numerous modules that aid in the efficiency of daily activities in schools. Among the basic modules of FeKara are attendance and timetable management, admission management, student reporting, and grade books.

It also supports the delivery of a virtual class. This student information knowledge system also includes elements such as income and cost management, a message system, and so on.


  • Self-enrolment
  • Report templates that may be customized
  • Student site includes assignments, notes, and other information.
  • Module of communication for teachers, parents, and management
  • Calculating teacher wages in the financial module


  • Support in several languages
  • Integrated with Zoom


  • The free version of FeKara SIS software has limited features.

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9. PowerSchool SIS

Techvarieties - Powerschool Student Information Systems

PowerSchool SIS allows K-12 schools to tailor the information management system so that critical data may be retrieved without coding. Transparency in communication with parents may be achieved by posting grades, progress, and other information on portals and mobile applications.

The PowerSchool student information system also allows you to select from pre-built report alternatives or develop your own.


  • Attendance control
  • Database that can be customized
  • Scheduling in bulk
  • Monitoring Graduation Progress
  • Reporting


  • Complete data security
  • Compliance with the student laws in your location


  • Learning curve is steep.

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10. Alma

Techvarieties - Alma Student Information System

Alma is a user-friendly student information system that assists K12 institutions in creating comprehensive student records and gaining a better understanding of their attendance, performance, and other facts.

Teachers may grade students whatever they like by configuring options such as grade levels, grading systems, and more. There are built-in portals for communicating with parents and students.


  • Dashboard for the school
  • Workflow customization
  • Reports on Progress
  • Email, text, and voice messaging are all methods of communication.
  • Integration with Google Classroom


  • Data privacy requires role-based access.
  • Simple to use and customizable


  • Limited features on the mobile app.

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11. Edmatix

Techvarieties - Edmatix Student Information System

Edmatix is a scalable, cloud-based student record management system driven by AI that streamlines academic and administrative operations. Acceptance management, library management, front office management, inventory management, and more modules are available to handle everything from admission through graduation.


  • Admissions database centralized
  • Exam pattern that can be changed
  • Creating certificates
  • Invoice management and status tracking
  • GPS monitoring of transportation attendance


  • It is applicable to all sorts of institutions and educational levels.
  • ICSE, IB, State, CBSE, and other curriculum patterns are supported.
  • Integrates with Tally, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and other systems.


  • The parent app might be enhanced.

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12. Veracross

Techvarieties - Veracross Student Information System

Veracross is a comprehensive web-based student data management solution for K-12 educational institutions that stores all details in a single database without no record duplication.

You can speed up admissions, handle finances, maintain health-related data, and streamline invoicing, among other things. This student information system includes branding components such as personalized text and school logos.


  • Admissions promotion
  • Dropbox assignments
  • Portals for parents, alumni, and students
  • Payments control panel
  • Donor administration


  • User account security
  • Integration with third-party applications such as Canvas LMS and Magnus Health, among others.


  • There is no mass emailing for all classes.

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13. Quickschools

Techvarieties - Quickschool Student Information System

QuickSchools is a web-based student record management system that aids in the effective scheduling and administration of lectures. It gives school administrators and instructors a consolidated view of student information based on their access rights.

To construct progress reports, you can utilize custom formulae and grading systems.


  • Daily attendance monitoring
  • Transcripts with custom templates and auto-populated data
  • Fee tracking pending
  • Class scheduling software that is automated
  • Text, email, and voice message communication


  • Online fee payment assistance
  • Quick client service


  • Transcript creation might be simplified.

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14. Wisenet

Techvarieties - Wisenet Student Information System

Corporate training institutes and higher education organizations utilize the Wisenet student management system to simplify student information flow. You may collect data from students upon enrollment, including compliance data, and maintain it up to date.

This student information knowledge system provides basic templates for creating offer letters, certificates, and other documents rapidly. You may even send folks scheduled messages automatically.


  • Management of student enrollment
  • Monitoring attendance and scheduling
  • Insights and dashboard reports
  • Automated task generation
  • Options for messaging


  • Two-factor authentication and QR Code-based document security are examples of security features.
  • Support options include live chat, Zoom, webinars, and so on.


  • It can be slow at times.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Student Information System?

According to Grand View Research, the market for student information system is expected to rise at a CAGR of 16.6% till 2028 to reach USD 25.66 billion globally.

Some student information management solutions are all-in-one that includes the management of courses, classrooms, etc. Others are standalone systems.

Evaluate the following factors before selecting any student information knowledge system.

Cloud-hosted platform
If the system is cloud-hosted, you can access it from anywhere on the web browser and perform necessary tasks online. Compared to locally hosted software, cloud-hosted student management software can reduce the burden on the in-house IT team, as the vendor takes care of maintenance and updates.

Any institution has a significant amount of information, with a part of it being highly sensitive. The student information management software you choose should be compliant with privacy and security laws. You should be able to trust that the data is backed up regularly and there is no information loss.

Compatibility with Rest of the Stack
Check whether you can easily migrate your existing data, or the software team provides sufficient support to make the import easy. Also, the student information management solution should support integration with your existing systems and other software that you are planning to use to ensure streamlined data flow.

More features do not mean that a student record management system is better for buying. Too many unnecessary features can get confusing. See which software has all the features you need and is easy to use. Whichever among the shortlisted ones suits your budget, go with it.


What are examples of student information systems?
Some examples of student information system (SIS) are Alma, Fedena, Edmatix, MyClassCampus, Chanakya ERP, and so on.

What is the purpose of a student information system?
The purpose of a student information system is to store all kinds of student data relevant to an educational institution for smooth functioning of different department processes. It also helps with communication between teachers, parents and students.

What is the importance of a student information system?
Student information system is necessary to record all student data for finding potential gaps and distributing resources, efficient decision making, carrying out daily activities, among others.

What does student information include?
Student information includes profile details, guardian information, health records, student enrollment details, attendance status, gym membership data, school bus usage, library book records, exam records, and much more.

What are the benefits of student management system?
Student management system improves productivity by automating manual administrative tasks in educational institutions and reduces errors. This centralized database is beneficial for improved decision making. It also establishes transparency between parents, teachers, and students.

What are the features of the student information system?
Some of the core features of student information systems are admission management, profile management for access to different users, daily student attendance management, examination management, communication systems, and so on.

How does student information system work?
Student information system works by storing a holistic database of student information that helps institutes keep track of student progress and take necessary actions for student and organizational growth.


A student data management system is beneficial in the long run to save time and reduce errors in manual record management. Not only does the software ease the process of information management, but it also ensures better transparency.

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